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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.11.07 AMI am absolutely not a morning person.  That explains why most of my professional career has been spent working the evening and night time hours.  I feel most comfortable after the sun goes down and I generally catch my second wind after 10pm.  But, there are times when I have to wake up and be out of the house early.  When I do, it is imperative that I have set out everything I need for the next day or I will forget something.  Happens all the time.

If I forget to bring something because I had to be up and out early, it is generally just an inconvenience that I can usually work around.  But in a tactical life or death type situation, such as a home invasion robbery, forgetting something is not optional.  Enter the Home Tactical Readiness Bag.

<<<<<Tactical Readiness Bag>>>>>

When I go anywhere outside of about 5 miles from my home, I always bring a get home bag, also known as a bug out bag. In that bag I have everything I need to survive 72 plus hours away from home.  Or if I’m home already, I can grab the bag and get out of dodge should SHTF.  In my bag is extra ammunition, a method to make a shelter, a water purification device and multiple ways to make fire along with food and first-aid supplies among other things.   Clearly you don’t need all of that in a home tactical readiness bag, but there are some things that will be useful to you should you come under some kind of assault at home.

The first priority in the bag is a flashlight.  Since bad guys tend to hunt at night, and because it is irresponsible to shoot anything you cannot see first and identify, you have to have a way to illuminate the threat.  I suggest you have a tactical handheld flashlight along with a gun light.  The reason I recommend a gun light is because there may a time when you need your other hand to open a door or carry a child and that cannot be done if you are holding a flashlight. Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.44.30 PM

Next, extra ammunition and magazines should go in the bag.  Most home invasion robberies involve multiple bad guys so the more ammunition the better.  And since most malfunctions with a semi-automatic handgun are magazine related, extra magazines are the fastest and most efficient way to correct that problem.

A first-aid kit or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is also included for obvious reasons.

I put a rubber door stop in my bag.  Not for propping a door open, but for helping to keep one from being opened should I have to hunker down in a room or perhaps secure a bad guy in a room while I deal with another threat or wait for the calvary to arrive.  These door stops won’t completely keep somebody, especially a motivated somebody from gaining entrance into a room, but it might slow them down or even give the false appearance that a door is locked causing them to go in another direction.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.27.02 AMAn optional item for your bag are small keychain strobes.  These can be used to mark a room as clear or one as unsecured as you clear your home.  These strobes come in multiple colors so I suggest red for uncleared or unsecured and green or blue for cleared.

Lastly is the bag itself.  My Home Tactical Readiness Bag has a single shoulder strap with multiple pockets and molle webbing on the outside.  It’s about the size of medium sized women’s purse and of course is black in color.  Seems to be more tactical if it’s black.

I keep my bag readily accessible in the room I’m sleeping in and have my gun secured inside a paddle type holster in the bag at nigh along with my cell phone.  If something happens, I can get up and grab the bag and sling it over my shoulder and have with me everything I need to defend my castle without having to think about it because I have set everything up in advance, when things are calm and I am thinking clearly.

Don’t just survive, thrive!


Carrying a firearm for personal protection brings with it an awesome responsibility. You have the power to change a person’s world forever, and even the power to take their life. It is you duty as a responsible gun owner to always obey the cardinal rules of firearms safety and to understand the laws where you live and travel with your gun. Do your due diligence become educated on the use of force continuum and become proficient with your firearm before you leave home.

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