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Armed citizens practicing their second amendment right to personal protection.

Gas Station Clerks Fight Off Armed Robber in Houston

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.58.41 AMMarch 21, 2014, Houston, Texas – A would be robber entered a Phillips 66 gas station hoping to relieve the store of some of it’s hared earned money.  After demanding money from the clerks, the bad guy was greeted with not one, but two firearms and the fight was on.  The robber exchanged gun fire with both clerks and eventually found himself retreating to the back of the store where he began throwing merchandise all over the store and a standoff ensued.  After an hour, the bad guy emerged from his hiding place and was shot by the clerks.  Before the police could take him into custody, the bad guy started a fire in the store, eventually causing about $100,000 in damage to the store.  Neither one of the clerks was injured and the bad guy was taken into custody without achieving his goal of robbing the store.


76 Year Old Takes on Would be Robbers

spy_packing_some_heat_800_clr2-10-14 – Lincolnville, SC. – Armed with a .38-caliber revolver, 76 year old Charles Petit was walking from his home to his vehicle that was parked in his driveway when he was approached by a 25 year old male armed with a stun gun.  The male attacked Mr. Petit and attempted to rob him, but Mr. Petit wasn’t going to go along with the program.  He brandished his revolver and shot the would be robber and ended his life of crime on the spot.

Charles Petit was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries which he sustained to his face during the incident.  A business man in the area who knows Mr. Petit described him to the local media as “a prince of a fellow” saying that he was “glad to know he wasn’t hurt any worse than he was.”  Amen to that!