Bad Decision Plus Firearm Equals Dead Instructor

A recent video is making it’s way around the internet showing a 9 year old girl losing control of a fully automatic Uzi resulting in the death of her firearms instructor.  A horrific outcome that will haunt that poor little girl for many years to come, and it wasn’t her fault.

I preach constantly here on my website and during my firearms classes about the importance of practicing responsible gun ownership.  A firearm is a incredibly effective tool in the right hands, and an incredibly dangerous tool in the wrong hands.  This video clearly shows the power of such an effective tool put into the wrong hands.

There is much blame to go around for what happened to the instructor.  First, the range should never have had a policy that allows children that young to handle fully automatic weapons.  If you have never shot a machine gun, then you cannot appreciate how difficult they can be to control.  A 9 year old girl, especially one that is not experienced with firearms is not capable to controlling the recoil of a machine gun as is evidenced by the video.  She should never have been allowed to try.

Next on the list of those responsible, her parents or guardian.  Even if they were themselves not experienced with firearms, common sense should have said that you don’t let such an inexperienced shooter use such an advanced weapon.  I know that we aren’t talking about a ray gun or any some such advanced weapon, but an inexperienced 9 year old little girl should be shooting a .22 semi-auto pistol or rifle until she proves she can handle more power.  I can see from the beginning of the video that the girl isn’t sure what she should be doing.

Last on the list of those responsible for the instructors death is the instructor himself.  As a firearms instructor, safety is my number one priority.  Among many factors we must consider, one of the most important is to evaluate whether or not a person is capable of handling a firearm and to what level their abilities rise too.  I don’t care how persuasive a person is, I have never and will never take a new shooter out to the range and hand them a firearm that they are not capable of handling.  It’s not safe and it hurts the new shooters prospects of ever becoming a good shooter.  The instructor in the video should have known better.  I don’t know what he was thinking or why he did what he did, but his poor decision cost him his life and will hopefully serve as an example that will hopefully prevent a tragedy like this from happening in the future.

I regret having to even write an article like this because I can appreciate how a tragic event like this affects those involved, even those who had a role in causing the tragedy in the first place.  But it is critically important to stop things like this from ever happening again because the next time it might be the 9 year old girl who is killed.  Learning from the errors made here becomes a positive moving forward and will no doubt saves lives.

Lastly, it should be evident by now that there will be those who seize upon tragedy’s like this to try and take away our guns.  They will point to the gun as the problem because they are ignorant or just plain don’t care about facts.  The gun had zero to do with what happened.  It was the line of people who thought letting an inexperienced 9 year old pick up and shoot an automatic weapon.  It’s yet again another isolated incident that the anti-gun crowd will point to in an effort to take away my guns and yours.  We have to be smarter than we are or else they will be successful in their quest in making millions of law abiding gun owners into felons.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by this tragedy and I pray that the 9 year old girl will be able to some day understand that none of this was her fault and she can move on without the weight of this tragedy bearing down on her.  And I pray that something like this never happens again.  Every gun owner has it within them to ensure that it doesn’t.

Don’t just survive, thrive!



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