DSCN0969Hi, I’m Dennis Gill, founder and creator of Tactical Readiness Systems, LLC.  At TRS, we specialize in training and educating everyday people to become proactive participants in their own safety and security.  Essentually we want you to become your own 911.

We live in a dangerous world, and with police budgets being slashed in an attempt to make up for shortfalls in government budgets, it becomes increasingly more important for you to do what you can to protect yourself from violent predators.  We at Tactical Readiness Systems will give you the tools you need to do just that.

We currently offer courses in Concealed Carry*, Handgun Basic Training and Evaluation, Tactics of Everyday Carry and Basic Marksmanship and Close Encounter Tactical Shooting.  In addition, we can customize training to meet your individual needs.

Our courses are taught to civilians and focus on everyday scenarios using the real world experience I have gained in almost two decades of law enforcement experience.  I will explain to you not only how to get out of trouble, but more importantly, how to avoid trouble all together.  But when your best efforts fail, you will have the confidence in knowing that you have the skills necessary to dominate the situation you find yourself in and not only survive, but thrive.

If you are new to firearms, our Concealed Carry course and our Handgun Basic Training and Evaluation course will teach you the fundamentals of marksmanship, firearms safety, methods of concealed carry to include how to choose a firearm and holster, how to grip the weapon as well as what is proper sight alignment and picture and how to properly manipulate the trigger.

Once you understand the basics, our Tactics of Everyday Carry and Defensive Handgun course will cover such topics as the essentials of tactical handgun shooting, tactics to properly carry concealed, how to recognize and engage a threat, drawing from concealment and how to fight from concealed carry at extremely close range.  Most civilian encounters with bad guys will occur at very close range, generally at arms length or closer.   Knowing how to draw and engage a target from this extreme close range is critical and a skill set that is often overlooked by most who carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.

As a member of one of the premier law enforcement agencies in Virginia and the United States, I have seen first hand how the criminal mind thinks and have witnessed the tragedy that can occur when law abiding people encounter violent offenders without the means to defend themselves.  Most of the time, the only loss is of a monetary value, but unfortunately, there our times when the loss is a person’s life.  Things can be replaced, you cannot.

I am a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services certified firearms instructor and general instructor and a certified National Rifle Association instructor with experience teaching firearms to civilians and sworn law enforcement officers.  In addition to being a certified LEO instructor, I have had the pleasure of working with tactical teams both local and federal and have been trained in special weapons and tactics.  This training along with almost two decades of LE experience has served me well when it comes to teaching and offering my unique perspective about personal defense.

I hope to have the privilege of helping you become your own 911.

Don’t just survive, thrive!

Dennis Gill
Founder and Creator of Tactical Readiness Systems, LLC.
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services & National Rifle Association  Firearms Instructor

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*Our concealed carry certification is taught in person to qualified Virginia residents only.  We do not offer a concealed carry certification class online.

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